Seeking Her Community

It’s important to find your comfort zone, and mine is being involved with my campus.

Aliyha Hill portrait outside with the Columns in the background
Post by Aliyha Hill
Photo by Ryan Gavin

“Something my grandmother taught me growing up was ‘A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.’ Meaning that if you don’t ask for something, you can’t expect anything to be handed to you. Without faith, consistency and hard work, you can’t expect to achieve much.

In college you meet so many individuals who help expand your network, and you also are granted new opportunities. A lot of the opportunities I received at the university were due to me going out and getting them. Yes, I did hear no sometimes, but that adds to my journey.

It wouldn’t be as fun if everyone told me yes. In high school I was a very involved student. Anything anyone asked me to do or presented me with or something I saw as interesting, I joined. Coming to Mizzou felt like the right choice for me because of all the involvement opportunities.

My freshman year I learned that in order to be involved, you had to put yourself out there. I was not used to this and was walking around in the dark. I am a first-generation college student and college is nothing like high school. The movies and shows are fake; don’t believe them.

Well, I was wrong. So wrong, that I was not involved my freshman year because I did not know how to get involved. It wasn’t until my RA told me how I have the potential to do so much for campus, I just needed to show it. My sophomore year was a breaking point for me and I went out and used my voice and got involved. I wouldn’t take back any of my involvement because my involvement shaped me into the person I am today. Serving others and being involved is a piece of who I am.

In college, it’s important to find your comfort zone, and mine is being involved with my campus community. Whatever community you may consider yourself to be a part of, you have to go seek them. The advice I would give is that with faith, consistency and hard work, you can accomplish your goals and become who you are destined to be. You are the author of your experience, you just have to write it.

Aliyha Hill
Home: Chicago
Major: Health Science
Involvement: Summer Welcome, Mizzou Alternative Breaks, Relay For Life of Mizzou, Diversity Across the Curriculum University of Missouri School of Health Professions, Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, Mizzou NSBE | National Society of Black Engineers