2019 Catalyst Awards

Honoring those who speak up, out, and often for the LGBTQ community

Group photo of the 2019 Catalyst Award winners

Photos by Ryan Gavin

Established in 1998, the Catalyst Awards is an annual event aimed at bringing together LGBTQ activists, volunteers, students, and community members. Any group, individual, or event may be nominated for a Catalyst Award, which is reviewed by a committee overseen by the LGBTQ Resource Center Coordinator. Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

A group of students receiving Catalyst Awards and their friends take a group photo
Student organization leader holding flowers while speaking at the lectern.
Scholarship winner hoding flowers at the lectern in a black leather jacket.
Rio Chacon
Group of three students showing their scholarship certificates
LGBTQ Leadership Scholarship recipients
Student poses with their Catalyst Award.
Alex Childers
Middle school students and their teachers holding the Catalyst Award.
Jaguar PAWS, Gentry Middle School’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance
Man with a beard in a blazer holding his Catalyst Award.
Evan Melkersman
Student holding his Catalyst Award in a black outfit
Rio Chacon
Award recipient and his nominator showing the award.
Amos Jaimes and Rio Chacon
Student posing with his Catalyst Award.
Alejandro Carranza
Academic adviser holding his Catalyst Award.
Shawn Wallace
Academic adviser and his friend showing the award.
Shawn Wallace and Shane Stinson
Student showing his Catalyst Award.
Patrick Skrivan
Healthcare provider holding his Catalyst Award.
Dr. Aaron Sapp
Doctoral student holding her Catalyst Award.
Anna Valiavska
Social Justice Center Coordinator Laura Hacquard headshot
Laura Hacquard
The room applauding LGBTQ Resource Coordinator Sean Olmstead at his last Catalyst Award ceremony.
Sean Olmstead’s goodbye
LGBTQ Resource Center Coordinator Sean Olmstead and GA Nik Peavy take a photo together
Sean Olmstead and Nik Peavy
Friends posing with a Catalyst Award.
Sean Olmstead and Anna Valiavska