MU Campus Accessibility Updates: April 11, 2019

Update on a new accessible door installation

MU Campus Accessibility Update with active person using a wheelchair in gold and gray background. Black and gold text.

Through funding received from the Student Fee Capital Improvement Committee, a new automatic door has been installed in the Missouri Theatre

Missouri Theatre is one of the primary event venues in Columbia, and it hosts dozens of events every month. The venue hosts a wide range of concerts, speakers, performances, homecoming events, and Columbia-wide events such as the True False Film Festival. The Theatre is also a famous historic landmark in Columbia and is Mizzou’s second most-trafficked event venue after Jesse Auditorium.

With the addition of this automatic door, people with disabilities are now able to independently enter the space. The Office of Accessibility and ADA believes that making the Missouri Theatre more accessible is a top priority, and this new addition continues the work of the Division of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (IDE) to make our campus more accessible.

In 2017, IDE funded the construction of a new, ADA-compliant ramp in the lobby of the Missouri Theatre (pictured below). The addition of this new automatic door will now further increase the accessibility of this important venue, allowing people with disabilities more seamless access into the Theatre.

Students, staff and administrators gather to celebrate the new Missouri Theatre accessible ramp