HR Podcast Features Baiye

Assistant Vice Chancellor Inya Baiye appears on Daily Dose to discuss inclusive leadership.

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Inya Baiye appeared on this week’s Episode 47.

Baiye identified that inclusive leaders:

  • Articulate a visible commitment to inclusion as a priority
  • Embrace humility
  • Are aware of bias
  • Are curious about others
  • Pursue increasing their cultural intelligence
  • Seek effective collaboration

In the breakout room, participants discussed what they can do to improve their inclusive leadership skills.


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Taking steps toward inclusive leadership might feel awkward if you’re new to this perspective. Who do you know that is a bit further down the path than you in their understanding and implementation of inclusive leadership? Contact this person today and ask them if they can help you take a step toward developing your inclusive leadership skillset. You might suggest that they attend a class with you, participate in a book discussion, or debrief with you after watching an online seminar. 

Three opportunities to do so are: