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This is the last step of your self-guided curriculum. Bravo! You have completed this guide. Thank you for the time you have invested in learning, reflecting and unlearning. We hope this process will help inform your future actions. We are proud and grateful for your commitment. We hope you feel empowered to take actions, to craft a new narrative and to help others through the process. Finally, we encourage you to continue to learn and to reflect about the content you completed; there will always be room for learning.

Bridging: Towards a Society Built on Belonging

Personal Reflections

Our exploration of concepts and thoughts in this curriculum have been robust and intense. Here is an invitation for you to take time to reflect on and process your feelings.

  • Is there anything that you see differently based on your learning and unlearning process so far?
  • What descriptions, images, metaphors come to mind?
  • How does this impact how you think about your life, work, volunteerism, and your relationships? Is there anything you are inspired to do differently?

Curriculum Content Reflections

  • What role do stories and narratives play in bridging our differences?
  • How can bridging create collective belonging?
  • Out of the different strategies we have explored to address the levels of racism;
    • Which ones would you want to use or explore more?
    • Are there others that you are already using?
    • What questions are you left with?

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