Diversity 101

Diversity 101, our four-week online diversity course, was developed so that MU faculty and staff from across departments and units can learn together, in order to help create a culture where everyone feels welcome to contribute and strive to reach their potential.

Features of this online course:

  • Free of charge. You only need a Pawprint to log in to Canvas.
  • Participants work on their own schedule but do need to meet weekly deadlines for assignments.
  • Courses last four weeks.
  • Participants should expect to spend 3-5 hours/week completing the requirements for the course.
  • Participants who complete all assignments within the time frame will receive a certificate of completion from the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity.

This online class is a highly interactive introduction to diversity particularly as it pertains to working at MU. A core aspect of the course design is peer-to-peer learning through discussion boards in order to draw upon the rich and diverse experiences of colleagues across campus. Other aspects of the class include videos, reflection journal, and self-guided activities.

Participation Requirements

The success of this course depends on participants' willingness and ability to actively engage in online discussions. Full participation in the course usually requires 3-5 hours spread throughout the week.  This includes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete the weekly content and activities, plus some time to formulate a discussion post by EACH Wednesday night. Additional time from Wednesday through Sunday will be needed to read and respond to others' posts. And finally, a few minutes to write a brief journal entry at the end of each week.  There are optional readings and resources provided beyond these basic requirements. 

Through these activities participants will:

  • Understand the different ways diversity is understood and approached in the workplace.
  • Explore the relevance and meanings of diversity to individuals, groups, organizations, society, and the world.
  • Explore fundamental diversity issues such as identity, difference, privilege, and bias.
  • Learn strategies and tips for being an ally and advocate for change.

While many individuals take the course for their own professional development, you can also take Diversity 101 with a group of colleagues. Engaging in this learning process within your own department/unit can open up conversations and discussions that you may have never had. Together you can create ways to integrate your learning into your workplace environment, culture, and relationships. So spread the word and find some colleagues to join you in this learning endeavor!

If you have a group of 10 or more colleagues who would like to take the course all together (rather than mixing in with other participants), please contact Dr. Goldstein Hode to request a special session.

Spring Semester Sessions 2017

All sessions are currently full. Please check back later for additional dates.