New Professional Development Opportunity for MU Faculty and Staff

The Division of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity is excited to welcome new and old Tigers back to campus for what we hope will be a year filled with valuable learning experiences. To ensure that our students gain the most from their college experience at Mizzou, IDE staff have been working over the summer months to expand programming that builds on the Inclusive Excellence Framework. As active members of the university community, faculty and staff play an integral role in ensuring that all students feel valued on campus.

Since the spring of 2016, Dr. Stephanie Shonekan has worked to design a campuswide program that orients students to diversity and inclusion on our campus. This training, titled Citizenship@Mizzou, has been presented to all incoming undergraduate and transfer students. During each Citizenship@Mizzou session, Dr. Shonekan is joined by a handful of faculty and members of the student-led band Talking Drum. Together, they present vignettes and musical performances that highlight our values of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence. Invariably, this leads participants to a reflective conversation about Mizzou identity and culture.

To better support you in your role, the division will roll out a companion program for the Citizenship@Mizzou initiative. Beginning this fall, CitizenshipToo will be presented to faculty and staff with the intent to share student perspectives of what citizenship means for the entire Mizzou community. Talking Drum will perform selected classics during CitizenshipToo sessions in an effort to engage faculty and staff in a discussion about their understandings of Mizzou’s core values, while allowing for the collection of ideas on ways to enhance the notion of citizenship on our campus. By participating in this professional development opportunity, faculty and staff will be better prepared to interact with students that come to us from various backgrounds.

The division is committed to addressing access and success, campus climate and intergroup relations, education and scholarship, and institutional infrastructure here at Mizzou. Dr. Shonekan will expound on her role as lead developer for the CitizenshipToo initiative.

We hope that you will register to attend one of three CitizenshipToo sessions this fall. As a public research university, we recognize that research, knowledge creation, education, training and engagement benefit tremendously from embracing diverse perspectives, which are derived from a variety of lived experiences, interactions and interpretations. Please join us in spreading the word regarding this important initiative.

Kevin McDonald
Vice Chancellor for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity