Our Office

Mo Shahin and Amber Cheek, staff of the Office of Accessibility and ADA, take a photo outside the Student Center.

Our work touches every aspect of our campus life:

  • Workplace accommodations promote Faculty and Staff productivity, retention and recruitment.
  • Education increases awareness of disability is an essential component of diversity and Mizzou’s Inclusive Excellence Framework.
  • Customized guidance on the ADA helps Mizzou maintain its commitment to accessibility.
  • Increasing physical accessibility of campus facilities promotes belonging, usability, and independence for students, faculty and staff with disabilities.
  • Ensuring digital accessibility provides equal opportunity and usability of our digital campus for people with disabilities.
  • Event accessibility ensures equal access for people with disabilities on campus and in the Columbia community as a whole.
  • Planning for the safety of people with disabilities is essential to emergency preparedness.

Guiding Principles

  • Disability is an essential component of diversity, and the experiences and perspectives of people living with disabilities are inherently valuable.
  • Inclusion is a verb. It’s something that you do.
  • ADA Compliance is necessary, but not sufficient; ADA compliance alone does not always result in meaningful inclusion.
  • True equality of opportunity is created by proactive planning, not reactive resolution.
  • Promoting inclusion for persons with disabilities is a shared responsibility of every division, office, and person on campus – everyone can make a difference.


You can contact ADA Coordinator Amber Cheek directly at cheeka@missouri.edu or call 573-884-7278. Students seeking accommodations should directly contact the Disability Center.