Request Workplace Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations for Faculty and Staff

A reasonable accommodation is a work-related modification, adjustment to the work environment, or assistive device that enables an employee with a disability to perform the essential functions of their position.

ADA Accommodations Process wheel. Step One: Employee contacts our office. After a detailed conversation with the employee, our staff explore appropriate accommodations. Step Two: Employee submits medical documentation to our office that confirms they're a person with a disability. Step Three: Our office assists with approval, funding and the ordering of reasonable accommodations. The office will then follow up as needed.

In order to determine whether an employee is eligible for an accommodation under the ADA, our office will ask for documentation of a medical condition to determine whether it qualifies as a disability under the ADA. Having a medical condition alone is not enough to make an employee eligible for an accommodation. Under the ADA, a disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities such as breathing, eating, sleeping, walking, talking, manual tasks, etc.

Once our office determines that a faculty or staff member is eligible for accommodations, we will collaboratively engage in the interactive process with the employee and supervisor(s) to determine reasonable accommodations considering the essential functions of the job and work environment.

To begin the reasonable accommodation process, contact the ADA Coordinator directly at or call 573-884-7278. Students seeking accommodations should contact the Disability Center.

Download Healthcare Provider Request for Reasonable Accommodation

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