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Citizenship@Mizzou Requirement

To complete Citizenship@Mizzou, incoming undergraduate students (freshmen and transfer) will have to attend “Intro to Citizenship@Mizzou” in their first semester at MU, or a hold will be placed on their account preventing them from enrolling.

Intro to Citizenship@Mizzou

New undergraduate students will attend a one-hour Intro to Citizenship@Mizzou session. All incoming transfer and freshmen students will receive an email about the Citizenship requirement. Make-up sessions will go into November/April for any student who cannot attend Intro to Citizenship during the first few weeks of the semester. Please see the section “Information for Incoming Freshmen Students In the Fall” if you are a new student coming to Mizzou in August. If you are new in the spring semester or missed your session in the fall, you can find a list of sessions on Engage.

Instructions for Zoom Login

Please see below for full instructions for logging into Zoom sessions:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to Zoom using SSO
  3. Enter company domain: umsystem
  4. Login using university credentials (pawprint & password)
  5. Click Zoom link attached to appropriate Engage event

Information for Incoming Freshmen Students in the Fall

All incoming freshmen in the fall will automatically be assigned to a Welcome Week Group. These groups will attend events throughout Welcome Week and will attend a pre-assigned Citizenship session during Welcome Week. Welcome Leaders will email incoming freshmen students with their pre-assigned Citizenship session. These emails typically are sent the first or second week of August. If you are an incoming freshmen living in the residence halls, you have been pre-assigned to a Citizenship Session.

Transfer or Returning Students in the Fall

If you are not a freshman, you will need to sign up for a Citizenship  session at some point during the semester. These sessions will be found on Engage.


Viewing your holds and training status

Students can view their holds on MyZou or by checking this site to review their required trainings.

Reminder Holds

Students will have Citizenship@Mizzou Reminder “hold” on their account until it is changed to an actual hold in September/February. This reminder hold is not restrictive and allows students to register for classes. It is coded as “CZR” in MyZou and designed to remind students that they need to complete the program. Students do not need to do anything regarding this reminder as it will automatically come off when they complete the program.

Releasing Holds

To have a hold released for the next semester, a student must attend Intro to Citizenship@Mizzou.

For a temporary release on a hold, please submit the form on Engage.

For questions, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a session?
Simply go to Engage and select the session you want. All freshmen in the fall semester have been pre-assigned a time and will receive this information the first or second week of August from their Welcome Leader. For students coming to Mizzou in the spring semester, you will need to sign up for a session on Engage.

I am going through recruitment, Marching Mizzou, etc this fall. When is my session?
Students who are participating in PHA/IFC Recruitment, Marching Mizzou, the BIOM FIG, or ROTC already have a Citizenship session scheduled during Welcome Week. The organizers of these programs are aware of these times.

I’m an online only student, do I still need to do Citizenship@Mizzou?
No. Distance students are not required to do Citizenship@Mizzou. If you are an online-only student and have a hold, email with your student number. Note: we will check to make sure you are an online only student before removing the hold.

I received an email saying I didn’t complete Citizenship and still have a hold, but I attended my session.
Please allow for 24-48 hours for the hold to come off your account. If it has been longer than 48 hours email

Is the hold automatically removed or do I need to do something else?
The hold is automatically removed after you attend both parts of Citizenship@Mizzou. Holds will be removed weekly until October/March or where they will be removed no later than two business days after each event.

Where do I find a list of sessions?
They can all be found on Engage. New sessions are not published until August/January.

I signed up for a Citizenship session, but my schedule changed. What do I do?
Simply go back to the one you signed up for and change your RSVP to “I won’t be attending” then select a different session.

Does the Citizenship hold prevent me from dropping a class?
No. Only adding new classes after the semester has started or enrolling in classes for the next semester.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?
Email or call 573-884-8267. Note that email is the preferred method of communications as the phone is not staffed during all business hours.