Headshot of Alejandra Gudino

Inclusive Education Coordinator

404 Jesse Hall

Educational background:
I have a BS in Archeology, an MS in Museum and Conservation of Materials, and an MBA.

How long have you been at the university?
I have been at Mizzou for 20 years and in my current position a year and a half.

What committees, professional organizations or other groups do you serve on?
Status of Women Committee Members, MU HES Diversity Task- Force, MU Fellow, Cambio Center, Research & Outreach on Latinos and Changing Communities – MU Cambio Colores Conference Planning Committee Member Adviser, 4H Youth Future, College Within Reach Program, MU Champion for National 4H Vulnerable Population Working Group Chair, NCERA 26, a 12 Interstate Initiative Latinos & Immigrants in Midwestern Communities Co-Director Palmitopamba Archaeological Project- Ecuador Children’s Grove, Co-Chair Community Education

Professional Organizations: Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research ATD: Association for Talent Development, Mental Health First Aid, International Association of Women, Society for Applied Anthropology, Society for American Archeology

More about me:
I work to promote learning opportunities and spaces that generate the process of self-reflection and understanding to further develop intercultural competence as a sustainable practice. I see my work as relational as it seeks to support individuals and units in generating sustainable and lasting change.