LBC Lends Support

Legion of Black Collegians statement on April 22, 2020.

LBC umbrella logo. "Leading. Building. Climbing." on a black umbrella.

Within the past month, our nation has suffered tragic loss. We, The Legion of Black Collegians, extend our heart and thoughts out to the families of the victims and the survivors of each COVID-19 case, as well as our constituents, administration, faculty, staff, and community members. We also recognize that, given the constant evolution of the COVID-19 situation, this is an unprecedented time — a time that for many, is filled with uncertainty. We hope that everyone is taking the necessary steps to protect yourselves and families during this crisis.

The Legion has always been steadfast in our dedication to support and uplift the lives and experiences of our Black and marginalized students at Mizzou. This year, we have worked diligently on multiple platforms such as addressing food insecurities, increasing mental and emotional well-being resources, developing more campus wide cultural competency initiatives, the hiring and retention of underrepresented faculty and staff, and fostering a more inclusive and positive environment for all students at Mizzou. These were areas that we are focused on as we work to support and serve the needs of our constituents. As a Legion, we hold events and senate meetings to inform our students on social and political issues within the Mizzou, local, and national communities. These also allow students the opportunity to voice any concerns so there is a collective plan to promote positive change across campus.

During these times, we understand that Black and Brown communities have been largely impacted by COVID-19. Because of this, our goals have never been more prominent in continuing to support and advance these communities. We are committed to staying connected to each other and prioritizing our voices and stories. The Legion’s executive cabinet and advisors, Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center staff, and all of our constituents have been a great source of resilience and hope from which we will continue to pull strength from. It is The Legion’s desire to share our student’s stories, experiences, and concerns so that as we communicate with administration, this information will be taken into consideration for more informed decisions to be made on behalf of the Mizzou community.

Finally, to all of the constituents we serve at the University of Missouri-Columbia, please stay focused, flexible and hopeful. Even during these uncertain times, The Legion of Black Collegians will continue to uphold its mission to work to eradicate ignorance and promote positive change through education, motivation and advocacy for the Black students at Mizzou.

Please stay safe and healthy. With much love and support,

The Legion of Black Collegians