Photo Gallery: Culture Couture

Students, faculty and staff come together at Culture Couture to celebrate Mizzou’s rich multicultural diversity. See photos from the event.

Instilling Confidence  

Rachel Hughes, a second-year adviser in the Missouri College Advising Corps, navigates a plethora of questions from first-generation students unsure about their collegiate future.

Empowering Futures  

Rabin Decatorsmith’s commitment to students is unwavering. As a second-year adviser in the Missouri College Advising Corps, Decatorsmith is empowering students to dream big and reach for the stars.

Empowering Students 

Andrea Brown, first-year adviser within Missouri College Advising Corps, serves at Ruskin High School. For her, every day brings new challenges and rewards as she guides students through the maze of post-graduation possibilities.

Empowering Student Success 

Jerron Johnson, executive director of the Missouri College Advising Corps (MCAC), empowers students with the guidance they need to succeed in higher education.

Being Empowered, Making an Impact 

As a first-generation college student in a bicultural, bilingual marriage, Melissa Hauber-Özer was not sure if Connection was a good fit for her. However, after joining, she found it was exactly where she needed to be.