Locating Transgender in the Language of Queer

Eli Kean, coordinator of the LGBTQ Resource Center, is published in Multicultural Perspectives.

Headshot of Eli Kean wearing a red plaid shirt and a tan cardigan

The April 2020 publication of Multicultural Perspectives shares some findings from my dissertation that was recognized by the AERA Queer Studies SIG in 2018. Although the data came from teacher preparation courses, my hope is that this article is helpful for folks who are teaching or working with LGBTQ topics, or diversity more broadly.

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There is often a question of what “queer” means, and this article explores the various ways “queer” is taken up in educational scholarship and practice: queer as an identity, queer as an embodiment/expression, queer as an analytical approach, and queer as a political project.

I explore how/whether each of these perspectives are inclusive of trans identities and experiences toward the goal of identifying (and hopefully limiting in the future) the erasure of trans in education scholarship and practice.