Exclusive Viewing: Black Men In White Coats

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Presented and sponsored by the MU School of Medicine Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Black Men in White Coats will be available to view February 12-17. Because spots are limited, viewers must register to receive a passcode for the film. Registration will close once all spots are filled. Register here: https://www.indiescreening.com/screenings/54

About The Film

“Why is it easier to visualize a Black man in an orange jumpsuit than it is in a white coat?” Fed up with the lack of diversity among doctors, a medical doctor sets out to explore why only 2% of American doctors are Black men and what that means for society. This 80-minute documentary dissects the systemic barriers preventing Black men from becoming medical doctors and the consequences on society at large. View trailer: https://trailer.bmwcmovie.com/trailer1602557931782

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