Spotlight: MOLSAMP Summer Research Intern, Chantelle Wimms

Learn more about this stellar student research intern!

Get to know Chantelle Wimms, who participated in the MOLSAMP research program this summer! Learn more about the program and its application process by visiting the Undergraduate Research page:

Name: Chantelle Wimms

Year: Senior

Hometown: Elgin, IL

College/University: Truman State University

Research mentor and department: Dr. Samniqueka Halsey, MU School of Natural Resources

Description of research: “My research was on the effects of prairie restoration and management on small mammals. I was specifically looking at whether the time since the last burn regiment affected small mammal abundance and species richness; and whether the time since prairie restoration affects the body mass of small mammals.”

Favorite part of program experience: “My favorite has to have been creating a relationship with Dr. Halsey and her lab. This is my first time working in the field so I was very nervous but everyone accepted me with open arms. I was even able to explore a cave with some of my lab mates because we had become such close friends.”

Final thoughts: “I just want to recognize all the work that MOLSAMP does. MOLSAMP has played an integral role in my personal and professional development. Without this program, I would’ve never gotten the opportunity to do research here. I’m nearing the end of a successful four years at Truman and that is only because of the support I’ve received through MOLSAMP.”