Photo Gallery: Courageous Leadership Series Banquet

Our Courageous Leadership Series came to a memorable close with a banquet honoring 18 exceptional undergraduates. These students dedicated nine months to honing their leadership skills and embracing diversity.

Recently, the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity hosted a banquet to mark the culmination of its Courageous Leadership Series, dedicated to a cohort of 18 exceptional undergraduate students. These students were selected to join this cohort aimed at honing the skills essential to influential leadership. During a span of nine months, they engaged in a journey, learning culturally responsive practices and developing a greater appreciation and comprehension of the diverse backgrounds that make up Mizzou’s community. 

The banquet served as a celebration of the cohorts journey, featuring insights from the series’ donor, Patty Wolfe. CLS participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and lessons learned with attendees in a brief panel discussion.

Take a glimpse into the celebration through our photo gallery below.

Courageous Leadership Series Cohort pose for group photo.

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