Photo Gallery: Missouri College Advising Corp End of Year Banquet

The Missouri College Advising Corps’ banquet, held at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Columbia, Missouri, marked the culmination of a successful year of guiding students towards college success.

The Missouri College Advising Corps hosted its end of year banquet on May 6 at Hampton Inn & Suites in Columbia, Missouri Attendees included advisers, region directors, University of Missouri staff, and community members, all gathering to reflect on their collective efforts in guiding low-income and underrepresented students toward college success.

As the evening unfolded, conversations buzzed with excitement about future initiatives aimed at enhancing access to higher education. There are ample opportunities for individuals to join hands in championing educational equity and empowering students to reach their full potential with the Missouri College Advising Corps. Learn how you can get involved.

MCAC College Advisers pose for photo.
MCAC team poses for photo.