Two staff members smiling during conversation at a MU Voz Latina meeting

Originally founded in 1999 as the MU Hispanic Latin American Faculty & Staff Association (HLAFSA), the vision of MU Voz Latina is to communicate interests, concerns and awareness of Hispanics and Latin Americans at the University of Missouri; assist in recruitment and retention of Hispanic/Latino(a) faculty, staff and students at MU; foster the educational missions of our university, and progress of our faculty and staff through the ranks; and enhance multicultural knowledge of Hispanics/ Latino(a)s among faculty, staff, administration and students at the University of Missouri and the community. 

Our Objectives 

  • Foster academic, professional and personal success of MU Voz Latina faculty, staff, students and Columbia community members. 
  • Promote awareness of the Latino/Hispanic culture and communicate concerns and interests of Latinos/Hispanics at the University of Missouri and the Columbia community. 
  • Act as an advocate for recruitment and retention of Latino/Hispanic faculty, staff and students. 
  • Foster the mission of the University of Missouri. 
  • Advance the well-being of Latinos/Hispanics at the University of Missouri and the Columbia community. 


Meeting once a month, Voz Latina activities focus on: 

  • Community-building among Latino and Latin American people on campus and in the community.
  • Promoting awareness of Latino/Hispanic cultures and concerns held by members. 
  • Advocating for the well-being of Latinos/Hispanics in our communities. 

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