The SOSI Center hosted a the third webinar in our Lunch and Learn Webinar Series. Aligning with the SOSI Center Summer Institutes’ theme of Translating Critical, Strengths-Based Conceptual Frameworks to STEM Programming & Design, this webinars introduced the participants to the methodologies and pedagogies that inform their practices and scholarship development and dissemination.

The series is particularly beneficial for:

  • Those in the grant-writing process,
  • Those wanting to publish their work on enhancing STEM inclusion,
  • Faculty and administrators in STEM-related program design.

The third webinar titled: “Data Collecting” was recorded and made freely available on September 6, 2023. “Data Collection” offered a practical means to identify and collecting relevant data from existing program. The webinar revisited data collection, analysis, and dissemination processes guided by critical strength-based theories.

The third webinar is now available on the SOSI Center YouTube Channel.