SOSI Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

The SOSI Center hosted a Free Lunch and Learn Webinar Series. Aligning with the SOSI Center Summer Institutes’ theme of Translating Critical, Strengths-Based Conceptual Frameworks to STEM Programming & Design, the first webinar in the series introduced participants to the methodologies and pedagogies that inform their practices and scholarship development and dissemination.

The series was particularly beneficial for:

  • Those in the grant-writing process,
  • Those wanting to publish their work on enhancing STEM inclusion,
  • Faculty and administrators in STEM-related program design.

The first event, ‘What is Data?’ was held on Friday, November 4, 2022. “What is Data?” aimed to help participants understand how to identify data within STEM broadening participation programs and how they can use data to disseminate research outcomes and communicate the impact of their program. Here is the recording of the session for those who could not attend the webinar:

What is Data? Recording

We cordially ask you to complete the evaluation afterward; it seeks to gain more information about what you took away from the webinar. Your feedback can help improve our future webinar offerings: