Feeling connected 

Assistant Teaching Professor Sonita Simelus shares her personal experience with Connection, a program that provides support and resources for faculty members.  

Photo Gallery: Culture Couture

Students, faculty and staff come together at Culture Couture to celebrate Mizzou’s rich multicultural diversity. See photos from the event.

Instilling Confidence  

Rachel Hughes, a second-year adviser in the Missouri College Advising Corps, navigates a plethora of questions from first-generation students unsure about their collegiate future.

Empowering Futures  

Rabin Decatorsmith’s commitment to students is unwavering. As a second-year adviser in the Missouri College Advising Corps, Decatorsmith is empowering students to dream big and reach for the stars.

Empowering Students 

Andrea Brown, first-year adviser within Missouri College Advising Corps, serves at Ruskin High School. For her, every day brings new challenges and rewards as she guides students through the maze of post-graduation possibilities.

Being Empowered, Making an Impact 

As a first-generation college student in a bicultural, bilingual marriage, Melissa Hauber-Özer was not sure if Connection was a good fit for her. However, after joining, she found it was exactly where she needed to be.