Cambio Center




Established in 2004, the MU Cambio Center leads research and outreach on Latinos and changing communities. The Mission Statement guides the Center’s work to help understand the demographic changes in our communities and to provide knowledge and best practices to facilitate a smooth integration of newcomers and immigrants of all backgrounds to Missouri and the Midwest.

Our Work
To understand and support changing communities and the process of immigrant integration, our work includes interdisciplinary research that spans fields as diverse as psychology, community development, economics, health, education, human development and family studies, history, language acquisition, law, and more.

To ensure that research findings are useful to communities and their leaders, our outreach efforts seek to bring academics and practitioners together to exchange research findings and best practices. The Cambio Center leads the organization of the annual Cambio de Colores conference, the premiere conference on immigrant integration in new destination areas.

The center’s mission bonds it closely to Latin America, to understanding the international nature of different migration processes and the cultures and institutions of Latin America. Thus the Cambio Center also seeks to strengthen the university’s ties with Latin America, and foment further research, faculty and student exchange, and other partnerships.

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